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Multi nozzle body with full spray pattern with fine atomisation

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Produces a solid cone type spray pattern from a multiple orifice body. Relatively uniform distribution at all pressures, 360° coverage. Atomisation is finer than with a single nozzle of the same capacity. Available in a range of flow capacities and thread sizes. The cluster body is fitted with 13 flush mounted nozzles that are not removable. The 1⁄2” and 3⁄4” sizes are ideal to fit through keg bung holes for internal washing. Useful in the food industry due to lack of sharp corners or threads where foreign matter may collect. 1⁄2” and 3⁄4” are available in Male BSPT or Female BSPP threads. 1” and 1 1⁄2” are available in Female BSPP only.

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